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ReliefJet Essentials for Outlook is a comprehensive set of more than 160 tools for performing a wide range of tasks in processing email messages, contacts, appointments, meetings, tasks and other Outlook items as well as Office 365 or Exchange Server folders and mailboxes. ReliefJet Quicks for Outlook is a bundle of must-have add-ins for every Outlook user. These add-ins significantly increase your productivity by automating routine tasks, preventing you from typical mistakes and tweaking Outlook to make it more friendly and functional.
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Import, export and convert Outlook/Exchange items, folders, auto-complete lists and categories using EML, MSG, MBOX, PST, vCard, NK2, XML, CSV and Text formats. Split, merge, create and delete Outlook/Exchange storages, mailboxes and folders. Find, tag, remove and move duplicate any Outlook items and attachments. Add, save, remove, pack, unpack attachments and replace them with links. Extract email addresses and hyperlinks from messages, contacts, address books and address lists. Personify your mailings, categorize Outlook items, clean message subjects, hide fax numbers. Create reports and statistics on Outlook items, attachments, folders, mailboxes and storages. And a great deal more!

ReliefJet QUICKS

Switch on and off warnings when replying to multi-recipient messages and sending messages with empty subject. Instantly search Outlook/Exchange folders when navigating and moving/copying Outlook items. Create and insert pre-configured text templates with one click of a mouse or by using keyboard shortcuts. Create, edit and search notes, attached to messages. Create reports on current views of Outlook folders right in Microsoft Excel. Automatically mark deleted messages as read and minimize the main Outlook window instead of closing it. Automatically increase the size of standard Outlook windows, set default zoom and HTML/Text reply format for messages. And even more!