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ReliefJet QUICKS™
for Microsoft Outlook
ReliefJet Quicks for Outlook is a bundle of must-have add-ins for every Outlook user. These add-ins significantly increase your productivity by automating routine tasks, preventing you from typical mistakes and tweaking Outlook to make it more friendly and functional.
ReliefJet Quicks™
for Microsoft Outlook

ReliefJet Tweaker for Outlook

With this simple utility, you can access the hidden Microsoft Outlook settings. Download and run it - no additional installation is required.

  • Fixes non-working broken hyperlinks in messages.
  • Allows you to set the maximum size of OST and PST files and enable their automatic compression when exiting Outlook.
  • Forces Outlook to send image copies when inserted as Internet links.
  • Allows you to send categories along with an outgoing email so recipients can see them.
  • Enables Outlook Query Builder for visually constructing complex search queries in Advanced Find and Outlook Search Folders.
  • Unlocks the "run a script" and "start application" actions in Outlook Rules Wizard (running VBA macros and external applications is prohibited by default in modern versions of Outlook).
  • Allows you to set the default folder for saving attachments and change the maximum attachment size limit.
  • Provides access to attachment types blocked in Outlook by default, including attachment links.

Activate the settings on the General Tweaks and Control Attachments tabs.

General Tweaks

ReliefJet Outlook Tweaker: General Tweaks

Repair hyperlinks in Outlook emails

Sometimes, links in Microsoft Outlook don't open. There may be several reasons for this:

  • Installation of Microsoft Windows updates.
  • Adding or removing web browsers and their extensions.
  • Installing various Outlook plugins and add-ins.
  • Using aggressive Windows "registry cleaners".
  • Your organization's software policies.
  • Your browser has been hacked.

Don't waste extra effort finding the cause and fixing it manually. Get your Internet links working again with this ReliefJet Tweaker feature. Try to restore broken hyperlinks using just one click.

Change the default PST/OST maximum file size limits

In modern Outlook versions, the maximum size of PST and OST data files is limited to 50 GB. This restriction may negatively affect some ReliefJet Essentials utilities. For example, Export Outlook to PST, Merge PST Files, and several other utilities cannot modify data files if they are oversized. The program allows you to change the maximum size of OST and PST data files.

You can also enable or disable automatic compression of PST and OST files when exiting Outlook. When you delete messages from the mailbox, Outlook data file size won't decrease automatically. To reduce it, you need to compact the PST or OST file. Our utility allows you to enable Outlook to automatically compresses data files on exit. Note: Outlook will continue to work for a while after closing in the background when you turn on this setting.

Send images along with messages

Some images in emails might not appear to recipients if they were sent from Outlook. This situation occurs if the image is not embedded in an HTML message but hosted on the Internet, while the message contains only a link to the image location. This one makes it possible to embed such images when sending from Outlook. Once this option is activated, the image copies will be downloaded into sent and forwarded messages instead of links.

Send messages along with personal categories

Sometimes, the sender wants to keep the message categories to make them visible to the recipient. Enable the "Keep personal categories in outgoing messages" setting so recipients can see the categories assigned to the messages they receive from you. This will be especially useful in any corporate communication with partners and colleagues.

You can use the Categorize Outlook Items utility to quickly assign or clear categories on Outlook messages.

Perform complex search queries

Enable the Outlook Search Query Builder. You can then specify logic groups such as "and/or" for various query conditions and compose complex search queries interactively on the separate Query Builder tab in Advanced Find and Outlook Search Folder criteria.

Did you know that ReliefJet Essentials is the only software product on the market that allows you to process messages in Outlook Search Folders?

Allow to run VBA scripts and start applications in Outlook Rules

Recent Outlook updates prevent you from performing custom actions, running scripts, and starting applications in Outlook rules. You can remove this limitation and unlock the additional rule actions using our program. You need this function to run the ReliefJet Essentials utilities from Outlook rules. For instance, you can configure a rule to pack outgoing message attachments into ZIP archives automatically, as well as many other things.

Control Attachments

ReliefJet Outlook Tweaker: Control Attachments

Specify custom default folder for Outlook attachments

Once you specify a folder on your drive, Outlook will use it by default to save attachment files. Thus, you don't have to waste time browsing for this folder whenever saving Outlook attachments.

In the Attachments Settings group, you can also change the maximum Outlook attachment size limit.

To avoid inconveniences when saving Outlook attachments, use the Save Attachments utility. This utility enables you to have multiple favorite destinations for saved attachments and perform required actions in one click.

Unblock access to attachments in Outlook

Some attachment types are blocked in Outlook by default as potentially unsafe. However, users often receive exactly these types of attachments, confident they are safe because they trust the sender. These can even be essential files, such as Microsoft Office documents containing macros. Not being able to open blocked attachments can be critical where you need to make a quick decision or reply to the sender urgently. Here, use the settings in the Unblock Attachments group to permit access to the required attachment types.

You can use this feature after running the Add Attachments or Unpack Attachments utilities included in ReliefJet Essentials to unblock attachments that may become inaccessible.

Access to linked file attachments is blocked in Outlook after installation. Such attachments do not contain file data but only indicate file location on your disk-similar to Internet hyperlinks.

Allow linked attachments to access files on your drive or network share from email messages. You will need this feature when using the Replace Attachments with Links utility from ReliefJet Essentials bundle. The utility automatically saves attachments to a directory, replacing them with links in your emails. This frees up much space in Outlook mailboxes and data files.

Described product is a part of ReliefJet Quicks family: fast and reliable productivity solution for Microsoft Outlook. Besides them ReliefJet Quicks provides other useful tools that significantly simplify every Outlook user's life.

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