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ReliefJet QUICKS™
for Microsoft Outlook
ReliefJet Quicks for Outlook is a bundle of must-have add-ins for every Outlook user. These add-ins significantly increase your productivity by automating routine tasks, preventing you from typical mistakes and tweaking Outlook to make it more friendly and functional.
ReliefJet Quicks™
for Microsoft Outlook
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ReliefJet Quicks Overview

ReliefJet Quicks is set of add-ins for Microsoft Outlook that will save you a lot of time in your daily schedule. Currently it contains the following products:

  • Quick Tweaks

    • Automatically marks deleted messages as read.
    • Minimizes the main Outlook window instead of exiting the program when you click the Close (X) button.
    • Copies any attachment names to the clipboard.
    • Increases the size of small Outlook dialog boxes.
    • Sets the default zoom for message windows.
    • Enforces the format of reply messages to HTML, Plain Text, or RTF.
    • Automatically converts Microsoft Word documents to Adobe PDF.
    • Automatically enables editing mode in opened messages.

    Bonus free features:

    • Unlocks messages stuck in your Outbox.
    • Outlook Tweaker to reveal hidden options of Microsoft Outlook.
  • Quick Folders

    • Displays a flat list of Outlook folders with a quick search option.
    • Allows you to select folders of a certain type: messages, contacts, tasks, calendars, notes, journals.
    • Shows folders from all accounts connected to the Outlook profile or only specified folders with subfolders.
    • Supports Exchange Server Public Folders.
    • Can load a list of folders when you start Outlook, enabling you to instantly search for them later.
    • Searches with a part of the folder name or with a wildcard pattern.
    • Navigates to the folder containing the opened Outlook item.
    • Moves or copies selected items to the target folder, allowing you to find them in seconds.
    • Allows you to set keyboard shortcuts for navigating, moving, and copying to a folder.
  • Quick Text

    • Insert ready-made text blocks with just two clicks.
    • Use keyboard shortcuts to insert ready-to-use snippets with one touch.
    • Add attachment lists to your messages: avoid forgetting about any of them and avoid typos.
    • Insert the current date and time into Outlook emails.
    • Use the familiar formatting options: change the font, its color, and styles.
    • Create new templates from old ones by copying them.
    • Arrange the template list automatically in alphabetic order or manually in the order you prefer.
    • Don't limit yourself - Quick Text supports any number of templates.
  • Quick Notes

    • Attach Quick Notes to Outlook items with a single click.
    • Manage Quick Notes just like any other attachments: delete, save, print, and copy.
    • Search for messages containing Quick Notes using the built-in Outlook search.
    • Use webmail and mobile email apps to search for and view Quick Notes.
  • Quick Warnings

    • Warns when you try to reply only to a sender of a multiple-recipient message.
    • Warns when you try to reply to all recipients of an email-if there are several.
    • Warns you when trying to reply to a message where you are not one of the recipients, or you are the recipient of a blind carbon copy (BCC).
    • Warns when you send messages without a subject, reducing the chance of your emails getting into spam.
    • Disables Outlook warning when sending messages with an empty subject, if necessary.
    • Allows you to enable or disable each of the Quick Warnings individually.
  • Quick Reports

    • Exports the current view of any Outlook folder to Excel with a single click.
    • Creates reports based on customized Outlook views, including columns and filters.
    • Automatically prompts you to open the report in Excel.
    • Compatible with any version of Microsoft Excel for Windows.

We are extending this set with time, adding new useful functions to help you improve your productivity.

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